Oscillating Flow Page

Click here or on the picture for a 100 MB (Note this will take some time) Quicktime (get the player here) movie of our slides from the ASME summer meeting in 2007, which are our latest results.  Once the movie is running, you can advance from one slide to the next by clicking on the picture.  You can go backwards with the up arrow.

You can download our paper here.  Note that some of the more recent reseults are not included.  We finish taking data next week! (8/14/07).  We will have oscillating and pulsating (three levels of steady flow) and three diffuser angles, all with wide angle and high resolution.

FED Presentation

We are making Time Resolved PIV measurements of oscillating flow through a 30 degree diffuser in the oscillating flow facility.  The test section used for these measurements is shown on the right.  Also in the photo is one of our high-speed cameras (3000 fps).  Pressure data is taken in the channel simultaneously.

We have now generated dozens of avi movies showing how the behavior varies with Reynolds number, displacement Amplitude, and steady flow.  These files are now < 7MB.   Each one has two successive cycles of the flow.  Thanks to Stan Rosen for generating all of these on short order!

No Steady Flow:

R=380, L/h = 11
R=380, L/h = 12
R=380, L/h = 13
R=380, L/h = 15
R=380, L/h = 20
R=580, L/h = 18
R=580, L/h = 21
R=580, L/h = 23
R=580, L/h = 26
R=580, L/h = 30
R=740, L/h = 25
R=740, L/h = 28
R=740, L/h = 31
R=740, L/h = 35
R=740, L/h = 40

Side by Side Compaisons

Re = 380, Lo/h = 11 and 20 (this one is dramatic)
Lo/h ~ 19, Re = 380 and 580
Lo/h ~ 27. Re = 580 and 740
Re = 580, Lo/h = 18 and 30

Steady flow added u0/umax = 1, R380, L/h = 20

The movies show zoomed in data for four cases.  The data are presented as vector arrows, but at a handful of streawise locations to give the impression of profiles. 

Re = 380, Lo/h = 11
Re = 380, Lo/h = 20
Re = 580, Lo/h = 18
Re = 580, Lo/h = 26